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Gestion du stress / Stress management


Together, motivation in the workspace
two days seminar



This seminar has the potential to create greater understanding, more patience and harmony in the workplace.


This interactive two days seminar introduces individuals in the workplace with the awareness and understanding of the dynamics of personal and professional relationship, the ability to create a long term vision and to see change as an opportunity and not as an adversity.


During this seminar, participants will work on the following modules:
Awareness (body, mind, emotions)
Mind Power
Empowering Language
Releasing Anger
Positive Self-Talk & Positive Reinforcement of Others
Problem solving
Change and opportunity
Creativity, inspiration and fun
Creating an Abundance of Time

Performance indicators

You will immediately notice a more positive environment.
• Empowered individuals always work toward harmony.
• Employees will experience higher energy levels and reduced stress.
• Each person will improve his or her individual competency and contribution.
• You will notice reduced conflict throughout the workplace as employees replace blaming practices with personal responsibility.
• Employees will practice better communication skills which facilitates consensus.
• Individuals will demonstrate increased confidence and self-esteem.
• Higher productivity will result from an increased level of motivation.
• Physical health problems will be reduced, with a corresponding reduction in sick leave.
• The level of honesty and co-operation will increase throughout the working environment.
• Employees will be more open to change in policy and procedure; many will initiate such change.
• Accountability will improve at every level.
• More employees will participate in leadership and shared leadership.

Individuals will contribute to a sense of vision for the organization.

Program overview



Creative and reflective exercises encouraging collaboration and interaction among participants. Targeting team spirit, this fun activity alternates between group and sub-group exercises.

At the end of each exercise a debriefing allows participants to apply their knowledge to the following activity.


To identify the different roles necessary for efficient functioning of a team. To compare the ideas and solutions suggested by the participants while encouraging team leadership and communication. To use participants own skills to adapt.

Number of participants

The number of participants is limited to 20 allowing close interaction between the participants and the speakers. A minimum of 6 is also required.

Skills & performance

Leadership – Communication - Listening skills – Solidarity


Juan Carlos Martin

Life Coach, Workshop leader and qualified hypnotherapist, NLP specialist

Fabrice Frigerio

Lecturer of financial economics at IFGP/Geneva Business School


Confirmation of participation issued by IFGP


IFGP/GBS SA, Ch. de la Voie-Creuse 16, 1202 Genève,
Phone +41 22 906 94 94 / +41 22 839 44 49, Fax: +41 22 839 44 45,



Two days from 9 to 12am and 13 to 18pm, to be defined at your convenience.


On your company’s premises


The course fee for each participant, covering tuition, course materials, travel expenses and accommodation have to be covered by your company. The fee amount depends on the number of participants, please contact us for a detailed offer.


To register, fill in the registration form and return it to us after agreeing on seminar dates. The registration can be cancelled within 10 days after receiving the definite admission at no charge. For later cancellations there will be no refund.